foto: Andreas Dyrdal
Refleksjoner over vann 
Riso printed zine, stitched by hand, 16 pages (including cover)
Scans of 12 original drawings made with ink on 160 gsm paper 

extract from the exhibtion text for Reflections over water

I grew up consuming volumes of manga and comics that I came across – moving on to drawing my own worlds and characters. The comic media is a new addition to a process, where ink drawings and photos, from certain locations are further developed in watercolour and gouache and then in oil painting. The comic media has in this context given me new opportunities to visualize the intrinsicalities of water. When making a comic I have the opportunity to explore new compositions, formats and the dynamics between them. The comic reveals a rhythm between the squares and the pages, a rhythm that flows into paintings of different techniques and scales.

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